SASW Cookbook Project: Send Us Your Family Recipes!

Cooking is a huge part of our culture in the Slovak community–it seems like everybody and their Baba has a recipe to share! Over the next few months, the Slovak American Society of Washington, D.C. (SASW) will be compiling its own recipe book to share with members, families, and friends. After printing, the cookbook will be sold as a fundraiser to provide scholarships to needy Slovak students attending the City University of Seattle in Slovakia.

If you have a recipe (or a few!) you’d like to share with us, please respond to this email with recipes for a main dish, a side dish, bread, and a dessert. If you have special memories you’d like to share that go along with a particular recipe, send a brief, 500-character story along with your recipes. While we cannot promise that every recipe will be included, due to space and duplicate recipes, we will try to include at least one recipe from everyone who has submitted one.

Please use the following format for your recipe submission:

  • Title of Recipe item;
  • Original Slovak name (if you know it);
  • Recipe owner (or person recipe can be attributed to);
  • Region of Slovakia, if known;
  • How many people the recipe serves;
  • Ingredients;
  • Instructions, including special instructions about prep time, resting dough, equipment, etc.;
  • If applicable, note if your recipe belongs to a particular holiday or time of year; and
  • Your name.

The SASW Cookbook Committee will be accepting recipe submissions until Monday, April 20. Email your recipes to:

Or you can send us your recipes to the attention of: SASW Cookbook Committee, P.O. Box 2502, Springfield, VA 22152-2502.

D’akujeme a Dobru chut!

Your SASW Cookbook Committee