Slovak Living Abroad (SLA) certificate

In April 2022, Slovakia changed its citizenship laws to relax restrictions on dual citizenship and included “citizenship-by-descent” provisions that enables anyone with a parent, grandparent or even a great-grandparent, who was a Czechoslovak citizen born in what is now Slovakia, to obtain Slovak citizenship. One pathway towards obtaining Slovak citizenship is through the Slovak Living Abroad (SLA) certificate. An applicant must provide details on their Slovak ancestry and submit a statement listing their public activities demonstrating their national awareness from a Slovak cultural organization. After obtaining an SLA certificate, an applicant can apply for a residence permit and then proceed with a citizenship application.

The SASW has provided letters supporting the SLA applications for several members. Listed below are eligibility requirements and procedures regarding support for SLA applications for new members. If you are a long-time member of the SASW, please contact us at for more information.


1.) Length of membership.
Applicants should be a member of the SASW for at least one year (one year from the date of joining) and should be a member in good standing at the time of the SLA application.

2.) Being an “active” member in the organization.
New members must perform a service project that supports the SASW’s mission of promoting Slovak culture. A service project must be worked out in consultation with the SLA committee. For example, a service project could be, but is not limited to, serving on the board or on a special committee, newsletter contributions, a speaker presentation, marketing assistance, graphic design services, video productions, … etc. The SLA committee is willing to meet with prospective applicants to discuss how they can contribute.


1.) Who decides when the SASW will sign a letter? The SLA committee appointed by the SASW President will make the determination.
2.) Special handling procedures. Beyond regular first-class mail, applicants will pay for all special handling costs.
3.) Translation services. The SASW will not provide translation services, but will provide links to professional translator resources.
4.) Notification. All potential applicants should provide notice to the SASW prior to application.
5.) “Coaching” services.  At the discretion of the SLA committee, informal coaching could be provided. There is no guarantee that any advice offered by the SASW will guarantee approval by a Slovak government office.

Additional Resources

For more information on the SLA application process and Slovak citizenship, please consult these resources:

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