Paska is a Slovak bread that is traditionally eaten during Easter.  It is often the centerpiece of the traditional Easter basket that is blessed on Easter Sunday.  A traditional basket usually contains smoked meats, sausage, butter, hrudka (a sweet custard-like cheese), bread, salt, horseradish and pysanky eggs.  Since Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians fast during Lent, the food in the basket is not eaten until after Mass on Easter Sunday.  Each food item in the basket is symbolic of a religious theme.  Paska represents Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life, and is considered to be the most important food in the basket to be blessed. Paska is typically baked into a round loaf and usually features a dough braid around the edge along with a decorative cross or other religious symbols made from dough placed on top. The attached recipe was provided to us by the Belensky family. Slovak Easter Paska Bread


2 thoughts on “Slovak Easter Traditions: Paska Bread

  1. Lynn Staskiewicz President of WI Slovak Historical Society says:

    I made the Paska recipe for our Easter openhouse and it was wonderful. I appreciate recipe.

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