New Book Available from Slavica Publishers – Into the Spotlight: New Writing from Slovakia

Slavica Publishers has recently published, Into the Spotlight: New Writing from Slovakia, which features sixteen Slovak authors who have been shortlisted for or have won some of the most prestigious Slovak and European literary awards. They represent the Slovak literary scene across the lines of gender, age, style and subject matter. Most importantly, all of them are living authors, engaging with today’s world and carrying on conversations with other contemporary writers and readers.

With contributions from: Veronika Šikulová – Uršuľa Kovalyk – Pavel Vilikovský – Jana Beňová – Viťo Staviarsky – Dušan Mitana – Balla – Pavol Rankov – Zuzana Cigánová – Monika Kompaníková – Michal Hvorecký – Lukáš Luk – Marek Vadas – Alta Vášová – Ivana Dobrakovová – Peter Macsovszky

Published with support from the Centre for Information on Literature/SLOLIA (Slovak Literature Abroad).

Advance praise for Into the Spotlight:

“Though Into the Spotlight is drawn from the work of writers from one of Europe’s smallest countries, this source reveals itself to be something like a magic lamp out of which comes a multitude of subjects, themes and styles well out of proportion to its size. Like the best writers this anthology brilliantly balances the specific and the universal. There are stories that could have taken place anywhere – of love and hate, beauty and ugliness, illness and music – stories distinctly and intriguingly Slovak – of a devout Slovak’s imprisonment in the Russian Gulag, the rough and tumble world of the country’s Roma – stories from other countries and continents, and stories that seem to come from other worlds entirely – of real or imaginary doubles and surreal nocturnal circuses.”

— Michael Stein, Literalab

Into the Spotlight: New Writing from Slovakia is available from

Slovak Easter Traditions: Hrudka Cheese

Hrudka is custard-type cheese that is part of a traditional Easter basket for Slovaks and other Slavic groups. Hrudka is made by gently simmering a mixture of milk, eggs and sugar until firms curds are formed, straining the mixture through cheesecloth and letting the curds from into a ball. Hrudka has a bland, sweet taste which is meant to symbolize the the moderation Christians should have in all things. An Easter basket is also comprised of other food items such as Paska, ham, sausage, eggs, horseradish, butter, bacon and salt. Each of these items also has a special religious significance. Since Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians fast during Lent, the food in the basket is not eaten until after Mass on Easter Sunday

The attached recipe was provided to us courtesy of Mary Fedor.

Mary Fedor’s Hrudka Recipe

Slovak Easter Traditions: Paska Bread

Paska is a Slovak bread that is traditionally eaten during Easter.  It is often the centerpiece of the traditional Easter basket that is blessed on Easter Sunday.  A traditional basket usually contains smoked meats, sausage, butter, hrudka (a sweet custard-like cheese), bread, salt, horseradish and pysanky eggs.  Since Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians fast during Lent, the food in the basket is not eaten until after Mass on Easter Sunday.  Each food item in the basket is symbolic of a religious theme.  Paska represents Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life, and is considered to be the most important food in the basket to be blessed. Paska is typically baked into a round loaf and usually features a dough braid around the edge along with a decorative cross or other religious symbols made from dough placed on top.

The attached recipe was provided to us by the Belensky family.

Slovak Easter Paska Bread


Welcome to the New SASW Website

Cooking with gas

The SASW board decided it was time to update our website to increase our visibility and improve the experience of the visitor to our page.  The redesigned website offers new features such as:

  • A calendar of SASW and broader community events.
  • A means to apply for and renew memberships and to make donations to the SASW.
  • A contact form to reach the SASW board with your questions and concerns.
  • An enhanced  ‘Blog‘ to keep you updated on things happening in Slovak community and what the SASW is planning.
  • And much more in the future!

Please let us know what you think about the new website or any problems you  may have encountered.